Who is eligible to fish the Georgia Bass Trail?
The Georgia Bass Trail is open to all anglers with the exception of guides and anglers who have been convicted of cheating in a bass tournament. 

When can teams register? 
Teams can register online June 1st thru October 1st, 2023.  Teams may also register at the ramp buy paying the non-refundable deposit in addition to the tournament entry fee.  No registrations will be taken after the first tournament. 

How do I register my team to participate in the Georgia Bass Trail?
Teams must register and pay the $600.00 registration fee (per team per division) on the website: https://georgiabasstrail.org/register2024

How much does it cost to fish the trail?

Teams may register with a $600.00 NON-refundable deposit, which is a $100.00 per tournament. The remaining $125.00 will be due the week prior to the event when tournament registration opens. Teams can also pay the full amount for the year at time of registration total of $1350.00 for the six events. Teams that pay in full for the year will be guaranteed a boat position for the year in order paid. The launch order of the remaining boats will be determined by a lottery drawing before each tournament. Deposits must be made before October 1st, 2023.  The $225.00 (does not includes processing fee) must be paid by the Wednesday prior to each event. The invoices will be sent out Friday morning the week before the tournament. All credit card payments are subject to a 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee. $225.00 plus processing fee will be charged to your card.  The breakdown of the entry fee is as follows: $150.00 to tournament pot, $50.00 to classic, $25.00 to trail.  The Georgia Bass Trail will pay out 1 in 7 spots for each tournament. Only teams who pre-registered and paid the $600.00 non-refundable deposit or paid in full will be permitted to fish. Teams who show up at the ramp who did not pre-register must complete ALL PAPERWORK at the ramp and pay the non-refundable $600.00 deposit plus the entry fee.  No registrations will be taken after the first tournament.  Your registration includes your B.A.S.S. Team Championship Program registration that is required to compete in the B.A.S.S. Team Championship.  It DOES NOT include a B.A.S.S. Individual Membership, which is required to participate in that event.  Changes to team registrations must be made prior to October 1st, 2023

How do I guarantee my eligibility to participate in the Georgia Bass Trail?
The first 125 teams to register per division will be eligible to enter any of the Georgia Bass Trail tournaments.  georgiabasstrail.org. 

What are the dates for the 2024 Season?
This year there is a North and South Division of the trail. We invite you to fish whichever trail is closest to your geographical location, or fish both! Please see the schedule below:

11/11/23 Oconee – Sugar Creek Marina
01/27-28/24 Lanier – Laurel Park
02/17/24 Clarks Hill – Wildwood Park
03/09/24 Russell – Richard B Russell State Park
04/13/24 Sinclair – Dennis Station
05/11/24 Hartwell – Gum Branch Ramp

12/16/23 Sinclair – Dennis Station
01/13/24 West Point – Pyne Road
02/10-11/24 Seminole – Big Jims Marina
03/23/24 Oconee – Sugar Creek Marina
04/27/24 Eufaula- Lake Point Marina
05/04/24 Blackshear – Veterans State Park

11/09-10/23 – LAKE TO BE ANNOUNCED

How many tournaments can my alternate fish?
Each team registered alternate can ONLY fish two regular season events.  In the event your alternate cannot make the event you will be permitted to fish alone, however the GBT reserves the right to place an alternate in your boat and/or subject you to a polygraph. 

How are the point standings determined?
The winner of each event will receive 125 points, second place 124 points, etc. 

What are permitted fishing locations?
Contestants may fish anywhere on tournament waters accessible by boat, except areas designated as “off limits” or “no fishing” by the state or federal officials, or within 50 yards of a competitors’ boat who is fishing. Locking from one area of tournament waters to another body of water is not allowed at any time during the tournament. 

Can I fish solo? 
Yes, but the GBT trail reserves the right to polygraph all participants. 

What is the entry fee for each tournament?
$225.00 per team/per event.  (Entries paid online are subject to a processing fee.) 

How do I become eligible to fish in the championship?
For a team to be eligible to qualify for the classic they must fish all 5 tournaments. The top 15 teams per division who fish all five tournaments will qualify for the classic. 

What is the payout for each event?
The payout for each tournament will be determined by how many teams register for each event. We will payout 1 in 7 spots per tournament.  $150.00 of each registration fee will go towards the tournament pot.  $50.00 of each entry fee will go towards the championship pot. $25.00 of each entry fee will go towards tournament trail expenses.